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It had been three years since Zim stopped his plans to destroy or take over Earth. Three years since their seemingly-endless fighting had stopped as well. Three years...since they had become lovers, instead of enemies.

It started a week ago. Horrid mood swings, the need to eat every edible thing in sight-Earth food or Irken-, and having to puke at the same time every day. Zim had no clue what was going on. Maybe one of his experiments had done something to him and made him this way? He wasn't sure, but he didn't like it very much. It made him look weak and vulnerable.

He hadn't left his house since these effects of something had started. He didn't leave, and more importantly, didn't let anyone in. He had put GIR into sleep mode, as to avoid having the little robot invite someone in. He had basically put his house into lockdown. And he decided to keep it that way until these feelings and urges stopped.

From the day he engaged his house into lock down til now, he had thought what Dib would think. Would he think Zim had stopped loving him? Trying to avoid him? That whole week past, he had hoped to hear Dib knock on his door, but no one ever did. Maybe, Dib had stopped loving Zim? Had he said something or done something for this to happen? Why should he be punished this way? To be ignored in his time of most need! How dare that Dib-stick! Oh! He hasn't called him that in years. Why did he think that? Oh he was sorry. He started crying. Then got mad at himself for showing weak emotions. Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door. He instantly lightened up, and got sad again at the thought it might not be Dib.

He went up to the door and said, "Dib? Dib, is that you?" the reply was muffled, to the point it was almost inaudible. But all Zim needed to hear, was the very distinct "Yes" before he unlocked his door as quickly as he could and opened it for Dib.

Dib had started to worry on the 3rd day he didnt see Zim at school. He thought maybe he had an Irken sickness that lasted some time, but it had been a whole week now. Surely something was wrong. He had a feeling Zim was either in touble or had hurt himself somehow. After deciding he would go to Zim's house, he got dressed in his usual attire and set out for Zim's place, which was only about a 20 minute walk from his own house.

Getting to Zim's house, he carefully knocked on the door. He waited 5 seconds before hearing a slight murmuring. He could only make out a faint "Dib?" before the alien was silent.

"Yes," he repiled. "I was worried as to why you weren't at school for the past week?" He hardly got the second part finished before he heard the 5 locks being hastily unlocked and the door opening to reveal the empty house. He walked in, looking around and jumping a little when the door was slammed behind him and the locks were bloted. He was releaved to see Zim, but his mood went downward when he saw panic in the alien's eyes.

"What's wrong, Zim?" he asked, confused. He pulled the Irken in for a hug, hoping to calm him down. The Irken squeezed back tightly, almost leaving Dib breathless. They let go of each other and looked into each other's eyes, honey to crimson, crimson to honey.

"I...I don't exactly know. Zim might have...have contracted some Earth desiese! Zim is very worried. I've been vomiting and, and eating everything. Zim has founmd himself very moody as well. Why did you wait a week? Why didn't you come sooner? For all you could've known Zim would be dead right now! Is that what you want again!? Zim dead!?" The alien had gone from worried, to frightned, to sad, to angry, all in one minute. Dib was trying not to laugh at the Irken. He kissed him softly, to prove he wanted no such thing.

"I never want you dead. Zim, I think I know what's wrong. You might Be pregnant. Mood-swings, eating a lot, and vomiting are good signs of it. Though, it only happens with female humans. Maybe both male and female Irkens can be pregnent? From what you've told be about your race, the population is mainly males, and female Irken is rare. You should be happy! I know I'm very happy!" He hugged the confused Irken, laughing when Zim said he still didnt understand. He wnet though a bunch of explinations for Zim, being very patient with the alien.

Finding out he was pregnant both frightened Zim, and contented him. Dib had explained he couldn't be brought to the hospital for scans, or for the delivery, him being and alien and all. Dib said he would help with that though. He was very happy to be having offspring with Dib. Though the child would be a mix of human and Irken, Zim didn't mind, because it was with Dib that this was happening. And Dib promised to be there for him the whole pregnancy and raising the child.

Zim hoped it would be more Irken though, it being the more superior race. He didn't say this to Dib, in fear of hurting his feelings. He was warned that it would be very hard, both carrying the baby and raising it, and that the delivery would most likely be painful. This didn't put Zim off at all, though. He was still happy about it. He couldn't wait to be a parent with Dib.

The months went by in a blur for Zim, but for Dib, time seemed to stretch on and on. Not that he didn't mind. He got to spend the majority of the time with Zim, however demanding he may have been. He was always there for him, cheering him up when he was sad, calming him down when he was angry. When Zim wanted something, Dib got it for him, no matter what. And when Zim said he wanted something else not that and got mad, Dib rushed to get the other thing, leaving the first thing with Zim, just in case.

When the day finally came for Zim to actually have the baby, they would be fully prepared for what was to happen. Zim and Dib had done research as to what happens when an Irken has a baby. Usually, back on Irk, the baby would be forced out, months early, to be put into incubators until it was ready for it real birth. But here on Earth, that technology wasn't created, therefore the pregnancy would go on a full 9 months. As for the baby coming out of the "host", so to speak, it had to be either removed by cutting open the Irken's belly and taking it out, or the Irken would throw up the baby. It seemed weird to Dib, but accepted it nonetheless.

The computer had also said that when the Irken started having dry-heaves -Dib explained it was vomiting without anything coming out-  it was time for the baby to come out. The Irken needed an alternative way to breathe, as the baby would block his throat coming up. Zim said he had equipment that could be used for that part. They had basically everything needed for this alternative way of the Irken having the baby.

The moment he realized nothing came up, he rushed to Dib saying as such with a panic in his eyes and voice. He had gotten much bigger since Dib had first come over, looking almost as round as a ball. He helped Zim through the tough and awkward process, not exactly knowing what to be doing but still giving him moral support.

1 hour later, Dib was holding the baby after wraping it in a blanket from their room. The baby didnt look like what Dib had thought it would, but it didnt turn out to be as deformed or odd looking. The baby turned out to be a girl. She had soft, human coloured skin, human eyes coloured pinkish red, black hair and anntenae. Her small, soft hands only had four fingers, as did her feet with her toes, but she was still the cutest little baby Dib and Zim had ever seen.

After removing himself from the breathing machinery, he took the baby girl from Dib and smiled brightly. He lightly stroked the baby's soft, chubby cheeks. He sighed, feeling Dib come in behind him, looking over his shoulder.

"She's beautiful," they said at the same time. They laughed, and Dib said, "What shall we name her, my love?" Zim thought a moment. He shrughed a bit. He couldn't take his eyes off of the baby.

"You decided. I'm sure you'll think of a good name," Zim said, giving the tiny hand his finger to hold. He smiled when the little one grabbed tightly to it. Dib smiled.

"I think she likes you. I think we should call her...Miz. 'Zim' backwards. Do you like that?" Dib asked, hoping the Irken would agree...or had even heard him.

Zim laughed. "I love it. It's...perfect. She's perfect. This moment is perfect. perfect" he said, still dreamily staring at the little child. They both smiled.

Miz grew up to be just as paranoid and smart as Dib, and as self-loving and destructive as Zim. She loved both her parents and didn't judge them, nor was she bothered by the other children's comments about them being gay. Miz did have to hide her anntenae, and passed her fingers as a condition, as Zim had with his skin and lack of ears. everyone marveled at the unique colour of her eyes, and she had made many friends who didn't mind her parents being gay. She turned out to have almost the same cow-lick as Dib, but it always stayed in one place in front of her face, on one side of her nose. She was loved by all her friends, and didn't care who didn't like her. She was who she was and she wasn't going to change for other people. She had learned to love her life no matter what, thanks to her wonderful parents.
so yeah...i got this idea of Zim having a baby with Dib (real original i know) and its just a one shot. only after i had named the baby did i realize that the name "Miz" was a professional wrestler, but i wa saying it was 'Zim' backwards, as explained, so i dont think there's any copyright being...idk...broken or somehting.

just so you know, i dont usually like taking out the original personality of characters and making them go all ooc but i dont think Zim and Did would be themselves if this really happened...i dont like doing it, but it had to be done for this one. sorry guys.

anyways, hope you enjoy!

Zim and Dib belong to Jhonen V.
Miz can belong to me or "The Miz". i dont really know.
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it shouldve been miz zim backwards and bid dib backwards mizbid!!!!!!
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aw, that's sad.
ponyvilleraver Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
Usually, back on Irk, the baby would be forced out, months early, to be put into incubators until it was ready for it real birth. As for the baby coming out of the "host", so to speak, it had to be either removed by cutting open the Irken's belly and taking it out, or the Irken would throw up the baby.

wow, i wish child birth was realy as easy and clean as that :) and i like the name Miz :) (hehehehe Zim backwards :) hehehehe)
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i know. i was out of naming ideas cuz i was helping my friend with names. lol
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